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Potty Training Tip For Boys & Girls

Posted by Victor Wilkes on

Potty training tips can help you train your baby boy or girl to become expert Pottiers within a week or days.  This tips will work for either gender.


Training In Sessions - Training in sessions means taking each day to set aside sessions of time to train your little one.  Session 1 would be placing the child on the potty throughout the day in increments of 15 minutes for half the day.  Sounds tedious, but it will help to get the job done in a shorter period of time.... Keep in mind this should be a day full of their normal daily routines, only implementing potty time every 15 minutes or so.  Afterwards, you can place the child back in their pull ups or diapers for the remainder of the day.  Continuing with the second session in the same manner on day 2.  Day 3, should continue with the same pattern for the entire day. 

Great potty training chairs, seats, or urinals can help make the potty training time easy to clean up, and celebrate the success of an toddler on their way to becoming an Expert Pottier!  Below are some really great potty training chairs, and urinals that can also function to help toddlers with various different other stages in life.

My Size Potty Trainer Chair


 Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Doc McStuffins

Green Urinal

Red Urinal

Yellow Urinal 


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