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Baby Toy Xylophone Piano Pounding Bench for Kids with Balls and Hammer

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Baby Toy Xylophone Piano Pounding Bench for Kids with Balls and Hammer
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Product Description:
Pound and tap some music!

This colorful xylophone piano pounding bench is fun to pound! Place the 3 balls on top of the pounding bench. Use the hammer to pound and tap the balls. Once a ball drops, it will strike one one of the xylophone keys. There are 6 xylophone keys on this piano. Tap or slide across 6 xylophone keys to create pleasant scale of notes. The pounding bench measures 10" x 7" x 5". Includes hammer and 3 color balls. Your kids will love pounding the balls and striking the piano keys!
Key Features:
  • Fun and colorful xylophone piano pounding bench
  • Pound the balls and they will drop on the xylophone
  • Tap or slide across 6 xylophone keys to create pleasant scale of notes
  • Bench measures 10" x 7" x 5" and includes hammer and 3 color balls
  • Have fun pounding and exploring musical notes
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