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Folding Laptop Table Sturdy Portable Lap Desk w Cooling Fans Tablet Bed Tray


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Folding Laptop Table Sturdy Portable Lap Desk w Cooling Fans Tablet Bed Tray
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Product Description:
This E-Stand Lap Top Table is more than an innovative, portable, performance laptop table. It is the ultimate laptop workstation. With flexible height and angle adjustments, this lap top table adapts to fit your optimal comfort level in just seconds. Dual built-in USB-powered fans cool your laptop to increase performance and prevent overheating. The E-Stand lap top table is suitable for any size of laptop and has an integrated mouse pad, cup platform and pen holder. This lightweight stand folds to fit into any standard computer bag so you can comfortably use a laptop wherever you are in office, on sofa, on bed or even on the floor. Use your laptop in comfort and style with the all new E-Stand lap top table.
Key Features:
  • Adjustable height & angle
  • Dual built-in USB cooling fans featuring air vented cavities design, reduces overheating on your laptop/notebook.
  • Built-in mouse pad, cup holder and pen holder. Grooved table surface to prevent slippage, and collapsible frame for easy storage and carrying.
  • It weights 3.2 pounds and can support up to 30 pounds capacity. Fits laptops 15 inches and under (some 17 inch as well).
  • Used for laptop, notebook, iPad, book, tablet etc
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