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Console Side Pocket (2 PCS), Car Organizer, Car Seat Catcher, Fills the Gap Between the Seat

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Console Side Pocket (2 PCS), Car Organizer, Car Seat Catcher, Fills the Gap Between the Seat
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Product Description:
Your pocket has been bulged with many items such as smartphone, wallet, cigarette, keys, etc, and in fact, it makes driver uncomfortable while driving. However, inpoc is now here to solve this inconvenience. You just take out all your stuffs from pocket and put them in the inpoc, and then take them with you when getting out of the car. For the woman, they can put their cosmetic products in the inpoc such as hand cream, facial mist, lipstick, or lip balm. So, they can use them while waiting for signal. Moreover, inpoc can take a role as a catcher that holds and catches any stuffs falling in between the console and the seat. Lastly, Inpoc is made of BPA (bisphenol A) free plastic, and it can be easily washed when gets dirty. This product is strictly protected by Design Patent and Trademark.
Key Features:
  • Inpoc is a practical pocket within arm's reach
  • Easy to install, just put it between the console and the seat
  • Include 2 extra pads ( 0.4 inch thickness ) for the car having more gaps between the console and the seat
  • Mostly fit any vehicle
  • Can store any item such as smartphone, wallet, cigarette, keys, hand cream, coins, gloves, etc.
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