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Baby,Toddler Electronic Toy DJ Keyboard Piano Set w Mic Records Playback Stool


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Musical Kids Electronic Keyboard 37 Key Piano W/ Microphone, Synthesizer, Stool, Records and Playbacks Music
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Product Description:
Best Choice Products presents you this brand new Musical instrument toy keyboard play set. This keyboard toy play set is unique and will make a great gift for any special occasion or holiday. It Records and Playbacks your Little One's Custom Music! Switch between Sounds like Piano, Organ, Violin, Bell, Music Box, Guitar, Mandolin, and Trumpet. The keyboard can also be switched between 8 Rhythms: Slow Rock, Rock, New new, Disco, March, Waltz, Samba, and Blues. It Includes a stool and is easily assembled. The synthesizer feature of the piano can make it an awesome way to nature the love of music in a child. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, so you know you're getting the best prices available. 
Voice Synthesizer Children's Musical Keyboard Play Set, 
Fun Keyboard Lights With 37 Piano Keys, 
Microphone and Stool: Child Can Sing Along While Playing! 
Includes a Stop Button for All Functions, 
Records and Playbacks Custom Music! 
Switch between Sounds: Piano, Organ, Violin, Bell, Music Box, Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet, 
Switch Between 8 Rhythms: Slow Rock, Rock, New new, Disco, March, Waltz, Samba, Blues; 
5 Different Drum Sound Buttons, 4 Animal Sound Buttons (Cat, Dog, Frog, Bird), 
Volume Up/Down Button, Tempo Up/Down Button; 
Easy to Assemble! 
Requires 6 AA Batteries to run (not included). 
Product Dimensions: : 11" Long x 24" Wide x 24" 
Tall, Stool Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 7.5", 
Weight: 4.6 lbs, 
Color: Blue. 

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