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Disney Mickey Baby Portable Play Pen with Bassinet n Diaper Changer


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Disney Baby Mickey Portable Playard with Bassinet n Diaper Changer
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Product Description:
Keep him comfortable, clean and entertained in the Disney All-in-One Mickey Mouse Play Yard. With a 3-in-1 design, this is the perfect play yard to keep with you around the house or while on a trip. The removable changing table will help you keep him dry and comfy, while you organize all of his necessities in the 3-tier organizer. Rest your newborn in the removable bassinet, and then let him play in the full-sized play area once he gets bigger. A breathable mesh screen keeps him secure in the play area, and convenient wheels allow you to easily move the play yard from room to room. When it's time to go on vacation, simply pack up the play yard into the carrying bag for hassle-free transportation.
Key Features:
  • Give him a place to call their own with the Disney All-in-One Mickey Mouse Play Yard
  • Multi-purpose play yard offers 3-in-1 design
  • Easily removable diaper-changing table is convenient for keeping them clean
  • 3-tier organizing pockets provide space for all of his necessities
  • Bassinet is the perfect size for a newborn and can be easily removed
  • Large play area features breathable mesh siding for easy viewing and access
  • Attached wheels allow you to move the play yard around the house or yard
  • Carrying bag and handle make it easy to bring while traveling


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