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Kids, Toddlers,Childrens, Teens, Twin Size Bedding Comforter Set

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Disney, Nickelodeon, DC Marvel, Kids, Toddlers, Twin Size Bedding Comforter & Sheet Set
Product Description:
Update your child's bedroom with a theme that he or she will surely love with their favorite Disney, Nickelodeon, or DC Marvel character's Bedding Set. Transform the room into a fun play zone with covers featuring some of the most loved characters of all time. This twin size bedding set showcases vivid images of your favorite characters in bright and attractive colors to make going to bed a fun experience for your little one. The fabric is soft and durable enough to withstand repeated use and multiple machine washings. This adorable bedding set includes one comforter, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and one pillowcase. The quilt has a polyester fiber filling that ensures comfort as your child sleeps. The flat sheet has fitted ends that tightly secure it to the mattress. This product fits standard size crib and toddler beds. 
Key Features:
  • This Twin Size Bedding set includes 1 printed Twin/Full comforter, 1 top sheet, one 1 sheet and 1 pillowcase
  • Sheet fits standard twin size bed mattresses
  • Twin set includes: fitted sheet (39" x 75"), flat sheet (66" x 96") and 1 pillowcase (20" x 30")
  • Comforter has 100% polyester fiber fill, Comforter size: 72" x 86" 
  • Flat sheet has fitted ends that tightly secure it to the mattress
  • Features your favorite characters from hit children's shows and movies

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